The New Xtranet-ISA

Managing projects had never been that easy !

The Xtranet is the solution that will perfectly fit your needs because it has been developed especially for requirements of companies like yours.

Xtranet-ISA is developed with Microsoft ASP.NET technology. ASP.NET is the latest Microsoft technology for developing dynamic websites, and can be characterized by its performance, scalability, and enhanced reliability.

Integrated features allow applications to communicate and share data over the Internet, regardless of operating system or programming language.

Free Shipping

It is easy to use

The Xtranet is a "key on the door" system, ready to use immediately after setup. No specific knowledge is required, if you can use a browser, you can use the Xtranet. No additional training costs for the users. Organize and manage research projects under the Framework Programme 7 (FP7).


No management hassle

Possibility to delegate work charges and responsibilities. Many automated functions, reminders. Users can manage their profile themselves (password lost, e-mail modification, preferences...) without requiring any administrator intervention.

and reliability

The Xtranet-ISA application is developed with Microsoft ASP.NET 4.0, using SQL server as datastore, which can be characterized by performance, scalability, and reliability.

We choosed to host the production servers at Hostbasket (Microsoft certified partner), because of its services quality and reliability.

All Hostbasket’s Datacenters are equipped with any necessary security technologies (UPS, Power generator, intrusion controls, ...More information :


and security

Server accesses are highly retricted through hostbasket firewalls, disallowing remote accesss from public IPs. This setup guarantees a maximal security against intrusion.

Physical access to a Hostbasket dedicated server is not allowed. Xtranet documents are protected from unwanted access.

It is not possible to access documents through direct links, or without successfully authenticating on the Xtranet. Contents are delivered to the users according to his roles in the work sections & Xtranet.

A flexible contract

After an initial setup, the Xtranet services can be rented on a 3 month basis. At any time, you can extract your data out of the Xtranet. Options are available on request: you pay only for what you need. Custom developments on request, fully integrated with the system: you can tune your Xtranet.


Under your control

You manage the users account & rights online through user-friendly pages. Users' connections reporting: who has read which documents?

Your data is safe

All users' accesses are controlled by a username / password account at application level. On request,we can provide https connections.Your data are backuped daily, (mirrored hardware, 24/24 monitoring, firewall, ...)



To guarantee a maximum availability of the application, a monitoring is operated 24/7 on servers and applications. The development team is immediately warned if a problem occurs.

The databases and servers are saved up daily through a dedicated backup server to avoid any data loss in case of major failure