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Xtranet-ISA Free Trial Edition will give you an overview of the Xtranet Project Edition capabilities.

Xtranet-ISA Project Edition will make your project a success story by taking care of all the management hassle. It includes all the features of the Corporate Edition plus many more.

Coordinators key features

  • Manage the participants companies and users, with user-level access rights management (end-user, participant, coordinator)
  • Manage a timeline for the whole project, including tasks and organisational phases, tasks & deadlines can be assigned to the participants
  • Manage the project budgets & expenditures, assign budgets items to participants...
  • Control the project evolution through visual screen (tasks, budgets,...) and
    keep an overall view of your project
  • Organise the participants' work
  • Control the project evolution & budget

Users & participants key features

  • A visual desktop always keeps you up to date in your tasks
  • Manage your work: list of tasks, "to do" list, reporting...
  • Control your budget, enter your expenditures...
  • Communicate with other users & coordinators (forum, mailcenter, share documents...)